Meet the Trainers

Lionel Balland

Lionel Balland


I am a French citizen that immigrated to the US in 1991. I have had a lifelong passion for fitness that started with sports when I was young. I begged my grandmother for a bench press for my 14th birthday and that one gift put me on a lifelong career path in fitness. I have been in the fitness industry for over 15 years and have owned my own business for all but one of those years. I am a true fitness professional, it has been my only profession since the age of 21. My goal is to help inspire and motivate others to reach their goals. My brand of fitness is very friendly and supportive, I want people to feel good about themselves and I want to help them reach their goals in a positive environment.

Alexander Wekell

Alexander Wekell


I’ve had deep passion and involvement for all things content creation. I'm consider myself new to the Washington scene as I've lived and traveled across the globe with the military lifestyle. My talent specialties are creating and working with audio, video, photo and motion graphics. In 2015 I founded SKY FEATHER STUDIOS and have done creative work for clients such as Amazon, T-Mobile, Microsoft, The Seahawks, national TV shows and more. If it's behind a lens or mic my job is to make it look and sound the best it possibly can.

Alexandra Cancro

Alexandra Cancro


Nice to meet you! My name is Alexandra Cancro and I have been a Seattle based Portrait and Travel Photographer for the last 8 years. My work allows me to explore, meet new people and experience others through the lens of a camera. I work to capture the energy of my clients in both a lighthearted and joyful way. One of my favorite things to do when I’m not photographing is working on 1,000 piece puzzles or learning about new cultures around the world.

Join our FIT FAM!

Monday: Chest & triceps 

Tuesday: Back & biceps 

Wednesday: Legs 

Thursday: Chest & triceps 

Friday: Back & biceps 

Saturday: Full body 

Everyday: Cardio & core! 


Our program utilizes a 6-week periodization format:


Week 1: Bands and bodyweight 

Week 2: Light weights, high reps and endurance 

Week 3: Hypertrophy sets (gaining muscle)

Week 4: Strength sets (gaining strength)

Week 5: Strength sets (gaining strength)

Week 6: Strength sets (gaining strength)



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